Snow does not cross borders
or change for each
country it lands 
why are we so different 
than the landing snow Crystals 
on the mountain
I want to be able to move 
land and fall
love does not bend 
or alter when it hits its mark
the spark can be killed 
or nurtured I feel 
the sorrow of man 
and mankind as they are 
waiting for a home house car
addicted to things unable to 
live and be in the moment
we run and fly from the moment
to live in the future or the past


Inner core

The azure sky reflected in the liquid mirror
As I am transported in the belly of the metallic dragon
Past the fields of lava along the gentle giants
And the Holy rocks I see the lights dance
As they play among the clouds
With light I see better as the outside world
Mirrors my inner core


Night owls

I have a black hole on my redna
I look up at the sky and see dots
in between the stars

Wanting to take it all in
I move my eyes quickly to fill
the void; my blind spot

I look left and right and
and up and down and
see a shooting star

The light lasts a fraction
and I was there to see it
as I look at the owl

We nod to affirm the
leaps. A feathered quantum
physicist in a tree.

I always knew owls
we smart; they stay up
at night!

Feathery Home

Everyday I venture out and feed the birds
and in exchange they bring me gifts
I see them fly and they see me grow
year by year as I drop crumbs and nuggets

I am a little clowns that drops things
willing to share my food with bird or beast
And in turn I am fed and raised by them
Nature my teacher and playground

At home with my feathery friends
I go inside some pile of rocks and wood
to go to sleep; yet, rush outside in the morning
to spend my day with all my feathery friends


The loving Bureaucrat

You sit there behind the geraniums waiting for the click
In the hallway to spy on your neighbour
You cannot wait to find a flaw in them and then
call email and phone in to report 
a neglected dog starving for attention has more love 
then you 
your green eyes light up when you hear something
waiting like a spider until you can open 
the door
The war is over yet you love to practice 
the sport of taddle-tale 
and maybe one day you would get lucky to get someone 


Afgan woman

Safe in my car I hear the bloody tales of late
the war lords in and out of power
excuses to kill murder and oppress
yet you fight with pen an paper
and scare the men with weapons
with your words and throughs
you travel to change the hearts
of many
you believe in a future of light
while the so called guardian
gards not you but the others
lets educated the masses and
show the oppressor's wrong
the radio is off now as I step out
of my car and wonder about what
this world would be like without
war and hate and greed and fear


Fall out

The world is on fire as we bomb
and radiate the rest
the water from the ocean is
getting heavy with contamination
as we try to
keep the air clean and
the rods from exploding
we are melting down
and still the rulers
see no harm in
poisoning its citizens
or declaring war
It is all going to be fine is
what the newspapers say
when millions of people
get murdered
we are lemmings testing
cows for radiation as
they eat the fall out
and we are just waiting to consume
I will hope to be reincarnated
into a fruit fly
or some other MORAL creature